How to prevent 1 million strokes in 5 years?

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The US Department of Health and Human Services is palnning to prevent 1 millioon heart attacks and strokes by 2017. The focus of the new startegy is on the ( ABCS) or the aspirin, blood pressure, choelsterol and smoking. The epidemiological studies showed that currently only 46% of people in the USA at increased risk of cardiovascular disease are taking aspirin, only 46% of people with hypertension have adequately controlled blood pressure, 33% of people with high cholesterol have adequately controlled hyperlipidaemia, and only 23% of people who are trying to quit smoking get help to do so. The use of the mutidisciplinary team approach and the medical education facilities is part of the new startegy. The Lancet Journal which published the news today ( 23rd September 2011) did not mention the exact cost of the new initiative.

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