Stroke Care: a practical manual

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This is a well written book from Oxford University Press which was published in 2005 in its first edition. In their preface the authors mentioned that the book is written for people who look after stroke patients, in particular, doctors and nurses working in hospitals.  In spite of being intended for the physicians, the book is valuable for the public as well. It includes information about stroke and its definition and signs and symptoms with a focus on stroke in young adults. That is consistent with the fact that almost 10% of stroke occur in people under 50 years of age. The other chapters in the book are: what to do in the first few days?, the first two weeks , subarachnoid haemorrhage, neuroimaging in stroke, making difficult decisions, terminal care, rehabilitation, discharge, preventing stroks and other vascular events and outcomes and prognosis. The book might need to be udated in the near future in view of the new evidences and the guidlines in stroke carefront cover of 'stroke care' that were published since 2005.

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